Multipurpose Co-Operative Society in Bangladesh

Pixel Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd. (PCL) started its journey with one single motivation – building a socially responsible partner for the people of the society with dreams and ambitions. The purpose of this co-operative society is to create awareness on the importance of small savings among the people of every class.

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Our Goal

Honest Integrated Labor is the Key to Development- with this slogan PCL has a goal of contributing to the economic sector of the society maintaining Islamic Shariah.

Our Mission

To provide a solid infrastructure through Multipurpose Co-Operative Society which stakeholders can create and accumulate wealth for education, healthcare, housing, Hajj and retirement.

Our Vision

To be the most prosperous Multipurpose Co-Operative Society, transforming the economic and social well being of the people in Bangladesh.

Our Services

Monthly Savings Scheme

Over and above the paid up share capital of members, PCL runs savings accounts for different purposes to enable members, plan for their children's education needs, pay for the health needs etc.

Pixel Monthly Savings Scheme

Fixed Deposit Scheme

Fixed deposit accounts are an excellent means to grow your money over a period of time. Interest rates on fixed deposit schemes are generally higher than the interest on savings accounts.

Pixel Fixed Deposit Scheme

Job Deposit Scheme

With the completion of student life starts career life. Our deposit scheme encourages the talented and qualified freshers who are interested in starting a business by giving them financial aid.

Pixel Job Deposit Scheme

Hajj Deposit Scheme

Hajj Deposit Scheme is a recurring monthly savings scheme and is operated under the principle of Mudaraba. It is an Islamic financial partnership contract where one party provides capital.

Pixel Hajj Deposit Scheme
Marriage Deposit Scheme

Marriage Deposit Scheme is a deposit product where you can make an initial deposit at the beginning along with fixed monthly installment deposits if you have recently started earning.

Pixel Marriage Deposit Scheme
Replete Interest-free Investment Project

This project mainly focuses on the people who belong to the lower middle class of the society. They can pursue this service where they will get the opportunity to replete interest free investment.

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Pixel Replete Interest-free Investment Project