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Find your ideal living place in Purbachal Pixel City

If your dream is to be a proud home-owner with a combination of convenience, beauty and security in Dhaka city, then Purbachal Pixel city can fulfil that dream for you. This may come as a surprise to you, but Pixel Homes Ltd. has built ‘Purbachal Pixel City’- a brand new housing project which checks all the requirements of your list and is something you can afford. It is located near the centre of Dhaka with all the civic amenities. You know what that means- you can skip the unbearable traffic and get to your dream retreat faster.

As a smart solution to the lack of accommodation and traffic congestion, Rajuk has decided to expand Dhaka city’s area and set up a suburb- ‘Purbachal Upashahar’, the biggest well-planned satellite city. And Purbachal Pixel City is just beside the 1st and 2nd sector of this suburb and also near the centre of Dhaka with all the civic amenities. You know what that mean- you can skip the unbearable traffic and get to your dream home faster. It can be the smart investment you make today to make your tomorrow better.

  • Purbachal pixel city is much closer than any other private project adjacent to the sub-district/ upashahar and has the DOHS developed for Bangladesh Army on the south side.
  • As Purbachal suburb/sub-district/upashahar is near the centre of an ever-expanding Dhaka, Purbachal Pixel city would be a smarter and more insightful investment than any other housing project (such as- Keranigonj, Ashulia, Gazipur, Savar)
  • Purbachal Pixel city is just 6 km away from Jamuna Future Park, American embassy and Dhaka International Airport.
  • This project is located along the 300-feet wide Kuril Purbachal highway and 300-feet wide Eastern Bypass road.
  • The land here is hassle-free. More importantly, whole project is run according to RAJUK's policy, directly supervised by experienced planners and skilled architects.
  • Only Purbachal Pixel City pledges to transfer plots to its honourable clients according to the contract at the right/promised time.

Pixel Homes Ltd-Planners of Your Dream

Pixel Homes Ltd. is here to amaze you by offering something that others cannot. In addition to providing a clean land to the well-wishers and buyers, we have developed a residential project to fulfill their dreams who could not allocate or participate in RAJUK Purbachal sub-district/upashahar project.

Pixel Homes Ltd-Planners of Your Dream

Why purbachal should be your first choice ?

  • It is the largest, most modern and planned suburb of South East Asia.
  • Prime Minister’s office, Secretariat, Rajuk office and other important office will be transferred to Purbachal. In other words, "Purbachal Upashahar" will be the administrative capital of the country.
  • Foreign embassy, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international offices are being transferred to "Purbachal Upashahar"
  • Purbachal Upshahr" will be a traffic-free, natural, and vibrant modern city, where there is the widest road (180-300 feet) of Bangladesh and the country's largest spectacular and excellent flyover.
  • "Purbachal suburban" will be an ideal city of pleasant environment, free of air and noise pollution.
  • The modern entertainment system i.e. Novo theatre, 3D Theatre, Water World, Museum etc. will be in "Purbachal Upshahar".
  • The "Purbachal suburb" comprises of the latest education and healthcare infrastructure.
  • Due to the planned commercial establishment, the importance and value of "Purbachal suburban" are increasing at the fastest time.
Purbachal Pixel City Map

Plot Description

Plot size: Plots of different sizes with 3,6,7 & 10 katha area

Plot position: South-facing, North-facing, Evenue, Lakeview, Commercial and Cornerplot

Block: A, B, C, D, E

Plot Hand-over: Plot will be handed over once all the installments and development expenses are paid.

Road plan: Plots in all the blocks inside the project are surrounded by 60,40 &20 foot roads.

Project plan:

Residential: 50%

Road network: 25%

Commercial area: 15%

Lake, Park, Playground, Mosque, Graveyard, School & other communities: 10%

Lake, Park, Playground, Mosque, Graveyard, School & other communities: 10%

Down payment: 20% of the total amount has to be paid within one month of booking.

Payment popcy: Attractive discount will be offered in case of a one-time payment. After paying the

booking money, the rest can be paid in installments worth of 24/36/48 monthes.

Procedures to Follow to Secure Your Booking:

  • Apply for your plot by filling up the form determined/prescribed by the company with two copies of photos through the office or online. Secure your booking on ‘’first come first served’’ basis.
  • Booking money and installments must be paid by check / DD / TT / pay order in favor of "Pixel Homes Ltd." Actions will be taken according to the existing law if the check cannot be cashed in bank.
  • After receiving one-time payment or booking money and 3 instalments, the contract will be executed with the customer
  • Taka 5000/- (Five Thousand Taka) per Katha as ‘name-changing fee’ has to be paid in case of a change in the ownership after the booking is completed.
  • If there is a delay of 60 days to pay an instalment, delay fee is to be paid at the rate of 5% on the paid money. Failing to pay the instalments would enable the company to cancel the booking of that customer at 30 days’ notice. The money given will be deducted at the rate of 15% and refunding the customer will be subjected to sale/ the customer will be given the money back after selling.
  • Earth filling, electricity, gas and water supply of the project will be arranged/managed by the company. In this case, all the plot recipients should be bearing the cost proportionately. Plot owners will be taking utility connections from the junction to their own plots at their own expense.
  • After placing the full cost of the plot and other expenses, plots will be registered in favour of the buyer and handed over to him/her once the determination of boundary is done.
  • In the interest of the project or due to unavoidable/inevitable reasons, the company reserves the right to modify / enhance the project's design and layout.
  • The company will not be liable if the development and transfer of projects is delayed for reasons of natural disaster, political unrest, government decision or any other unforeseen reason/reason beyond (company’s) control.
Pixel City Price List